Friday, 30 January 2009

Storm Trooper fetish?

Ladies in stormtrooper masks. Shit thats hot :/

I can't think what sort of person does this, I hope I never meet one.

American teen scores headshots on his parents for taking away his copy of Halo 3

This is pretty fucked up, I'm not pasting up the details. The title pretty much sums it up, you can check the link for specifics,

"Daniel Petric allegedly entered the family room with a request. "Would you guys close your eyes," Daniel Petric is said to have asked. "I have a surprise for you." ."

If I start to turn make damn sure you shoot me - what about if your beard starts to turn? can I shoot that?

The other night I had to get into a garage with an infected dog and get my bike out, I got bitten but I was ok. I got my bike out of the garage and had to get into into the back of a van quickly.

Then I drove to my uncles house, but it wasn't his house and he wasn't there. I went inside with someone , ended up finding something I didn't like. Don't know what is was though. I found my uncle down the street and he got in the back of the van.

We drove across a some fields for a while, then I started driving it on the rail tracks cause the van didnt have any tires, after a while I crashed into a kind of metal frame thing on the track. I think I was alone by then. Then I climbed a tree. End

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sword fighting with aliens!?

Last night I was fighting aliens with a shortsword and a claymore, with great success. They weren't Giger Aliens , just you know, sort of meaty mutant things , defo aliens, kinda like the ones from The thing.

I was helping people I went to school with (must've been a dream they were arseholes by and large) get away . In a field to start off with then in a wood where it was hard to keep my footing. I also had to keep stopping to piss, amazingly I didn't actually piss myself.

The only other thing I remember about this one is almost falling down a hole, then falling down a hole. I don't ever remember too much about my dreams. Well, I do for afew minutes when I wake and then it's all just pictures and fragments.

Worst one I've had for a while was stabbing my imaginary toddler in the chest with a trowel, it was hissing and spitting blood, hissing and trying to bite me. That was not pleasant.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

growing organic mushrooms

I plan to set up my own e-business showing ppl how to grow their own shittake & reishi mushrooms, amongst others ;) watch this space for a basic grow guide and pretty soon i'll be able to provide you with the gear to do so. yaaay me!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

God damn zombie nightmares!!

I had another zombie nightmare last night, they were the running screamy ones like off "28" but they were gooey and mutated like planet terror's. It may have something to do with the fact I play left 4 Dead most nights with my bro either way it doesn't make for a great nights sleep. It seems I'm always trying to get away from something or other in my dreams, usually something that wants to eat me.

Last week I had a pretty strange one about a giant of some sort that lived by the sea and wanted me to stand on a wall, go figure.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Big Chef shows Little Chef how shit they are!

Anyone been watching Heston Blumenthal trying to revive little chef in Big Chef takes on Little Chef? As a chef myself it's painful to watch someone who that much pride in what they do being shot down by people who are more than happy to eat what can only be compared to dog faeces. I almost went to a little chef on the way back from alton towers a few years ago, me and my freinds decided to stop outside mcdonalds and eat what we found in the bins though.

What especially pissed me off was some lame brain who had worked in little chef for 25 years laughing and joking about Heston's attempts to essentially save his job. They thought it was preposterous to put an oyster in hotpot, what thats prolly inaccurate they may not know what presposterous means. I was unsurprised that his food wasn't well recieved given the calibur of the customers, but what they really didn't get was what he was trying to do. You don't have to be posh to enjoy good food, you don't have to be well off to enjoy good food. People who eat shit do so cause they've never broadened their pallet and generally have no wish to. And thats something that'll get passed down to their kids fact.

If I walked into a little chef ( lol ) and found that the menu had been designed by none other than Heston Blumenthal I'd know I was in for a treat. I love the way he can innovate any meal, and all the nay-sayers could do was complain about, well everything. I say let them eat shit!

That prat peglar, the chief executive of little chef did a damn good impresssion of david brent too splurting out business bollocks telling Heston to make radical changes to the meals all the while the plebs in the resteraunts are crying about having to boil egg in the bag instead of microwaving it. another good one was one woman who didn't like the menu cause it didn't have pictures so people who can't read know what they're ordering, I'm sorry! people who can't read, who the hell can't read, I read lord of the rings when I was 7. Rtards. Oh yeah and you should care what wood was used to smoke your fish CAUSE IT FUCKING MATTERS.

I can't wait to see how the rest of the show pans out. I'll rant about it later

Nobody told Me!

Yeah aparrently a billion isn't a billion anymore I don't know when this happened but it did. It's only a thousand million now. It's quite a radical change, thats alot of zeros also means alot of people aren't as rich as they say they are. Prolly the american's fault they spoil everything. Infact it was prolly them that took the H out of yoghurt and spaghetti as well. You can't just take letters away its not right. Anyways , eat that.