Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sword fighting with aliens!?

Last night I was fighting aliens with a shortsword and a claymore, with great success. They weren't Giger Aliens , just you know, sort of meaty mutant things , defo aliens, kinda like the ones from The thing.

I was helping people I went to school with (must've been a dream they were arseholes by and large) get away . In a field to start off with then in a wood where it was hard to keep my footing. I also had to keep stopping to piss, amazingly I didn't actually piss myself.

The only other thing I remember about this one is almost falling down a hole, then falling down a hole. I don't ever remember too much about my dreams. Well, I do for afew minutes when I wake and then it's all just pictures and fragments.

Worst one I've had for a while was stabbing my imaginary toddler in the chest with a trowel, it was hissing and spitting blood, hissing and trying to bite me. That was not pleasant.

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